Different types of workshops can be given in the Netherlands, but also abroad: ACRA, CRAFT and CRA. These workshops will be given by Hendrik Roozen and / or Robert J. Meyers. All workshops usually last 2 1/2 days.

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Roozen & Meyers Consultancy is a collaboration between Hendrik G. Roozen and Robert J. Meyers. Roozen & Meyers Consultancy was established to promote and implement the Community Reinforcement Approach in Europe.

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Pilot studies are currently taking place in various institutions in the Netherlands to investigate the treatment effects that, for example, CRA sorts out. Treatment effects are often expressed in outcome measures that are related to improvements.

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About Us

Roozen & Meyers Consultancy is the professional organization in the Benelux and Europe that focuses on promoting the behavioral therapeutic method based on the Community Reinforcement interventions.

Roozen & Meyers Consultancy is committed to promoting a caring, scientifically proven and clearly recognizable treatment for addiction that is based on continuous improvement of the available knowledge, reliability and skills of practicing successful CRA treatments to achieve the best possible results. for patients with addiction and related problems.

Roozen & Meyers Consultancy can contribute to complex issues, such as CRA / FT training and certification of healthcare professionals and healthcare logistics processes, in relation to the implementation of CRA / FT through years of experience in addiction care, mental health care and other fields within - and outside the Netherlands.

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